Ceiling Fans All About The Breeze You Create

The Many Benefits Of Ceiling Fans And How To Choose One That Fits Your Needs

Ceiling fans, of one kind or another, have been around for several hundred years. They started out being driven by large belts made of leather that extended to each fan like a pulley and fan belt. Now, with everything being electric, thousands of styles to choose from, and installation a breeze, everyone can have their very own, in any part of their home. There are a lot of benefits that can be had by installing ceiling fans in every room to help control the temperature and make people feel cooler as well.

Ceiling Fans Aren’t Just For Tropical Climates

One of the first things that come to mind when most people think of ceiling fans are palm trees, the Caribbean, and tropical heat. But that’s not the only time they can be used, in fact, they can help save money in a home that heats with a wood stove, pellet stove, or fireplace by moving the air around in the room. As most people realize, hot air rises in the room and can create an upper layer of hot air that doesn’t circulate in the room.

This can be wasteful, using more fuel for your stove, just to have most of it settle in the upper three feet of the room. However, with a ceiling fan gently circulating the hot air down, you can even out the temperature in the room so that it is uniform throughout. This saves a lot of money on fuel, plus it makes the entire room, and a whole part of the house, more comfortable with an even temperature from floor to ceiling.

In homes with vaulted ceilings, the problem can be much worse with a huge temperature difference in the upper reaches of the room. Since most homes with vaulted ceilings have very open floor plans, it’s possible for the upstairs or loft part of the house to get super heated while the downstairs is still cool. But, by installing a fan it’s possible to even out everything with just a slow turn of the blades.

Even in the hotter climates, if you’re using an air conditioner, you can gain a significant benefit from a fan. The same thing happens, with the hot air rising and cold air sinking so that just a little circulation can even out the room by clearing the hot air from above and pulling the cold air from near the floor to make the room evenly tempered. In addition to that, the breeze that the fan makes can lower skin temperature from 4 to 8 degrees so that you don’t have to keep the room quite as cool to get the same effect on your body. This saves a lot of energy over the course of a day or week and can really add up at the end of the month.

Using The Breeze Of A Fan To Limit Mosquito Bites

Due to the changing climate worldwide there has been an increase in the number of mosquitoes, especially in the northern climates where there weren’t as many in the past. They have an attraction to the warm moist areas of the country and the warmer winters aren’t killing off the eggs and larvae like they used to. This is leading to an epidemic of these nasty creatures and the diseases that they carry, like Malaria, Zika, Yellow Fever, and several more. However, one thing that the people in the tropics know is that mosquitoes are very slow, clumsy fliers, if there’s any kind of a breeze, they’ll have trouble finding their prey and landing for the bite.

Mosquitoes use infrared vision, a keen sense of smell for CO2, and their instincts to follow the entrails in the room to locate prey. When you add a nice breeze from a fan you can disrupt the mosquitoes in three different ways. Since the fan cools the skin it will look less bright in their infrared vision and less attractive, they won’t be able to see you as a bright glowing object from across the room. Then, since they follow the CO2 that we breathe out, in concentrated streams, once a fan has stirred the air there is no longer any stream to follow.

And finally, if you’ve watched one try to land in any kind of breeze, they have an incredibly hard time. They have to sneak up on their prey on the down breeze side and weave their way through air pockets to get there, the slightest mistake and they’re swept away over and over again. This is one of the greatest advantages of the ceiling fan since it generates the breeze from above, there are no horizontal channels for the mosquitoes to navigate through.

Choosing The Right Ceiling Fan For Each Room In Your Home

These types of fans come in many different styles and colors to match almost any decor that you can imagine. If you have a nice wood floor or wooden vaulted ceiling you should definitely stick to the nice wooden blades that make an elegant addition to the room. You can also opt for the brass colored metal frame which will match the wood and give it a nice tone.

There are a lot of different ideas you can add with a light kit. Many fans come without the lights so that you can buy one that fits your needs perfectly. If you’re going to have small, individual lights with clear glass those are great for creating a nice soft glow and should be used with a dimmer switch for best results. Frosted glass tends to diffuse the light more leaving fewer shadows and more complete coverage of the room from top to bottom. In nearly all cases, a remote or wired dimmer switch with a variable speed control work best. You should also have a reversible fan for different situations depending on what you’re trying to do with your breeze.

For warm weather days, having the breeze actually striking your skin can cool you off an additional 4 to 8 degrees below room temperature. In cold weather, you might want the fan to pull air up after which it will slide down the walls to the floor warming the air near the cold windows and floor in its path.

When looking at the sizes of the fans they will usually have the size of the room that they work best in. Keeping in mind, of course, if you have a high vaulted ceiling you’re going to need a larger fan than if it is located much lower. Fans also come with extender rods so they can hang down from the ceiling or none if you have a lower ceiling instead.

When It Comes To Finding The Fan With The Right Decor

There is no better place to look than on some of the social sites online like Pinterest where you can narrow down your viewing to just the type of room you have with a picture of a fan in it. There are thousands of photos that people have taken of their fans in various types of rooms. Once you’ve found the one that you really like, then you can search for in online as well or buy from a local distributor to support your local economy.

Choosing the right fan for your needs has never been easier with all of the selection of ceiling fans available online and the millions of images for you to look through. Make sure you deal with a reputable dealer that offers a good warranty, has been in business for quite awhile, and has good reviews from their former customers. That way you can get the good service you deserve, the price you need and the fan you want.